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Marisol is a fantastic teacher I would heartily recommend to anyone. Her kind and encouraging teaching style suits students of all levels and ages. I recently returned to the instrument after a long hiatus and Marisol was very supportive in helping me return to form. I even recently moved to California and had no interest in finding another piano teacher. Marisol was so accommodating, she is working with me on Skype to continue my progress. She's the best!

I have been taking piano lessons with Marisol for a year now; and she's an exceptional instructor. Her patience is unparalleled. She makes class very fun, and I look forward to it on Fridays. It is apparent that Marisol loves the piano and has been playing it since childhood. Everytime I ask her to play a piece for me to hear it before attempting to play it, I get goose bumps. Marisol truly cares about her students. Her first time meeting with you is a complimentary consultation, but I promise you you'll want to begin classes as soon as you meet her. I'm very glad I found her!

My daughter has been a student of Marisol for about a year and a half now and I can honestly say that I am very happy with Rebecca's progress in that time. She has become a motivator for Rebecca when music becomes challenging and shows her she has the confidence to get through it and at the same time keeping it interesting and allowing her to make some choices to. We knew Marisol was the right music instructor for Rebecca when we met her because of her gentle persona and the patience she had with Rebecca as a new student to music. We would definitely recommend Marisol if you are looking for someone to teach music because half the battle is getting your child to enjoy going to their class and she has a natural way of doing this.

Marisol is a wonderful piano teacher. My daughter loves her class and is progressing very well. I highly recommend her.

I've been a student of Ms. Ibañez for about 6 years, and in that time I've learned so much about piano; I can truthfully say she is the best piano teacher I have ever had. :) She is incredibly kind, professional, and above all, very knowledgable about music. From her lessons, I've learnt a wide variety of piano music, ranging from Classical to Romantic to Baroque to Impressionist, and with each style it's own flair. It's easy just to play notes, but Ms. Ibañez really taught me how to interpret piano pieces and enjoy learning them. Sometimes I had trouble with certain musical ideas, but she was always very patient and helped me understand them, even when I wasn't quite patient with myself! :P With previous teachers, I learned music theory and for that I am grateful, but from my time with Ms. Ibañez I've really come to understand and experience music as a whole, with all its complexity and the nuances that make it so beautiful. I never thought I'd understand so many different styles of music, let alone play them, so I am really, really happy with the way I play now. :) She taught me not only to play songs, but to truly appreciate what (and why) I am playing and the principles and techniques I've learned apply not only to pieces I'm learning to play, but also ones I compose too! :D Truly a fantastic teacher and a lovely person. Whether you're a beginning piano player or someone who has been playing for a while, I would wholeheartedly recommend taking lessons with Ms. Ibañez. I haven't a single complaint and nothing but positive things to say about her! (^ ^)

My daughter took her first piano lesson with Marisol over two years ago and ever since has been committed to this art. Marisol's passion for piano, felt during her electrifying performances, translates into her lessons and along with her teaching methods is an inpiration to her students.

Marisol is an amazing piano teacher. She's extremely patient. It's a pleasure to receive a lesson from her because she's fun and exudes good energy. She's also very knowledgable. 😊

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